Free Consultation/Fee Arrangement

Our firm provides free initial consultations and case evaluations. Depending on the nature of the case, fee arraignments vary. Our fees are generally lower than other firms with the equivalent legal expertise and experience.

  1. Fixed fee billing. Lawyers using the fixed fee billing method charge a fixed or flat rate for a particular service or group of services offered. Many clients prefer this method because they know what to expect and are not tied to paying for all of the hours a lawyer puts into a case. Most of our cases are based on this billing method.
  2. Contingent fee billing. A contingency fee allows the attorney to receive a percentage of the proceeds from a case. No fee is paid if there is no recovery.
  3. Hourly fee billing.

Flexible Payment Plan

We understand some clients’ financial difficulties. Interest free payment plan is available for qualified cases.

Method of Payment

We accept cash and checks.